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Default Re: Does HDMI Video signal cancel other audio?

Hey Cougar,

My Dish Network Vip722 satellite recever can output HDMI audio and at the same time, the tos-link is active. I have an HDMI 1.0 switching receiver so no audio goes through it. What I do is I run my video straight into the TV and the tos link audio into the reciever. When i want to just watch TV, I get the stereo audio via the HDMI and of course the HDMI picture. I dont have to turn on my receiver to get sound. This is good at night when I dont want to rock my full system.

When i DO want to have surround sound, I just turn on my audio receiver and I can crank the surround sound. I can also mix in the stereo audio from the TV (via the HDMI) but it makes weird comb filtering usually so when I'm doing the surround sound thing, I just turn my TV volume down.
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