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Exclamation is a high end publication - its time to buy a player

Originally Posted by Tristan View Post
This continual whining about "you have to buy" one of the formats (or more ridiculously both)on this site is starting to take on the tone of desperation. Which manufacterer do you own stock in (or work for)? How stupid do they think consumers are? Certainly the backers of two formats insult the consumer. Some of you may have unlimited funds to spend on multiple formats--fine, go to it. For my part, I will not buy until the price is where DVD players are now (one format and still multiple options and low prices from competition) for dual format players. Barring that, I hope the players and the movies sit on the shelves.
Did you miss the concept that is a HIGH END home theater and audiophile site. We don't review $59 DVD players and if the early adopter, tech savvy readers of our site sit on the fence like CNET and many other so-called enthusiast publications have suggested at various times since HD DVD and Blu-ray came out - players will NEVER make it to $199 let alone $59. In fact, Hollywood studios will pull their support, titles will shrivel up and you will be left downloading your 1/2 resolution DVDs from Apple and wondering why your 1080p HDTV looks like crap.

The simple fact is: garbage in - garbage out and HD DVD and Blu-ray are the opposite of garbage when it comes to video and audio quality. YES the players are expensive. YES they are a pain in the ass to make work but HOW can you compete with the video performance? How can you starve a new 1080p HDTV with lame up-converted 480p video and over-compressed satellite or cable feeds?

Its time for you to step up. Its why you read this forum and read Spend $400 and go 1080p. It wont hurt you.
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