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Default Re: BOSE = box only sound extra

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Not to extend this debate further, I just wanted to clarify that Bose sued Consumer Reports in 1981 and won the first trial, finding Consumer Reports guilty of libel. However, the appeals court overruled the first verdict and found CR not in the wrong and thus cleared their reputation. Since then Bose has been rarely reviewed from CR or any other publication for that matter. Just wanted to clear that up.
my error, I mistakenly recalled that the lawsuit began in the late 60s; however, the "offending" review of the 901 appeared in Consumer Reports in 1970 and the ensuing litigation took until 1984 to wind its tortuous way through various courts to the ultimate showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court. Bose lost the lawsuit but won the war.

btw, the Bose marketing reaction to the review was to issue their sales team and dealers large lapel buttons that read something like "Ask to hear my wandering 10-foot violin!"
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