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Default European vs. North American Sound

I come up against this a lot. I own both Meridian and Paradigm Speaker systems and use them as reviewing tools in nearly every review I do. I keep two systems (in the same room) for a number of reasons; mostly because a vast majority of speakers are either made (or should I say designed) in North America or across the pond in Europe. Obviously, a lot of speakers regardless of where they are designed are assembled or at least partially assembled in China or Japan but I don't want to get into that.

I've found that most North American speakers (this includes Canada) sound a bit more forward across the board where as most European speakers are laid back and a touch dry. Which one you prefer is up to you. Each has their strengths and weaknesses which is why I keep two systems always at the ready.

It's just interesting to me how the technology all stems from the same basic principles yet you couldn't get two more different sounds, yet still be consistent based upon geographical location. Is it a personality thing? A cultural thing? What are your thoughts, or am I just crazy?
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