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Default MartinLogan Opens Its Own "Custom Shop"

The days of selling speakers exclusively by how they sound, is easily a decade behind us. Today’s high-end loudspeaker buyer assumes that a $2,000 plus pair of speakers have the power and finesse to reproduce audiophile music along with bombastic soundtracks from the latest Hollywood blockbuster film. These consumers are starting to demand that their speakers blend in with their room’s aesthetics in ways never before requested. Custom colors, paints, fabrics, and wood finishes are only the start to the demands of designers, wives and their audiophile "better halves".

Recently, MartinLogan introduced a very forward-looking element of their website, which allows a consumer, designer or dealer to truly customize their speakers for their own needs. Reportedly, there are as many as 400,000 different variations of how MartinLogan can make your MartinLogan Summit speakers truly yours. Anything seems possible in terms of custom options. You can even specify which types of screws are used and their look.

A client in the Ukraine recently ordered a pair of MartinLogan's Summit loudspeakers to be wrapped in white leather and dressed in chrome in order to match the modern, "Stanley Kubrick" look of his room. The client actually had his designer send the hides needed to wrap the speakers in order to exactly match the grain of the custom sofa that was being built in the room.

The custom shop concept isn't new in the world of high-end goods. Porsche will make you a car any color you might desire. If your dream car needs purple carpets, they will make you a specific roll and send you samples for a test, assuming you will pay for the efforts and are willing to wait for your customized car. Brioni will make you a completely custom suit with any exotic fabric you like, including some that have actual diamonds woven in to the fabric. Fender will make or recreate any guitar in their historically significant repertoire. The will go so far as to even wear out the paint, create a strategically placed ding, or modify the wiring to your exact specification, thus building your ultimate axe. Now, a high-end loudspeaker company is taking the "the customer is always right" approach to loudspeakers, which is sure to help uncover homes that under normal circumstances would not find a pair of standard black $10,000 speakers very fitting. Years ago, Vidikron gained popularity for painting the chassis of their highly touted CRT video projectors in custom colors. Wilson Audio can paint their exotic loudspeaker cabinets in the most outrageous car colors, and have gained many customers because of this option. RBH and THIEL are well known for offering dozens upon dozens of exotic wood finishes, but up until now no loudspeaker company has gone to the level that MartinLogan has with their custom shop.

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