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Default Re: BOSE = box only sound extra

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
From an editorial stand point Bose set a legal precedent that a writer or publication is NOT always entitled to their opinion which is quite dangerous,
Which is why you almost never see their products reviewed. Most editors are very aware of their past litigation history (even though the CU lawsuit happened - in the late 60s - before some current editors were even born!) and don't attempt to write about them. And, of course, Bose never submits their products for review, just as they never publish detailed specifications. However, to their credit, they own one of the most recognizable brand names on the planet and it's one that many consumers (perhaps even a majority) regard as "high end" or "the good stuff". I've never encountered a normal consumer (i.e., someone who's not employed in our industry) who owned a Bose product who didn't think that they had purchased high end.
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