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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Also I have seen two guys from Grand Funk Railroad listed as the one of the best on their instrument. Mel is list as the best bass player and Don Brewer is listed as one of the top drummers but Grand Funk Railroad is not one of the top hundred Rock bands. How many of you have ever seen Grand Funk Railroad live? They are still playing live so go to one of their shows if they come to your neighborhood and see a great Rock band in concert. They no longer have Mark Farner playing lead guitar since he tours on his own now but Bruce Kulick is one of the best lead guitars in the business and he played in Kiss for many years and is world's better than Ace Frehley ever was or ever will be. Max Carl sings vocals now for them and he was in Jack Mack and the Heartattack and also in 38 Special.
Tim Cashion plays piano and organ for them and he is awesome. You can tell they enjoy playing Rock and have fun playing for their fans. One of the top live shows I have seen.
Also I did not see Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on the list and they are great live.
I never saw all of Pink Floyd but I did see Roger Waters and Pink Floyd puts on a better show then they are one of the best live shows ever. The sound for Roger Waters show was the best I ever heard. He had a quad sound setup where you were in the center of all the sound.

Anyone that saw Guns and Roses at their best saw a great show.

Another band missing from the list is the Moody Blues.
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