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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

You might just be right on multiple formats surviving this war, but I do fell strong on the idea that there is no need to sit on the fence anymore.

This whole thing about the hardware reminds me about the hardware/software model used by satalite providers, cell phone companies and internet providers (just to name a few)...

It is not the hardware that we buy that determines the final tally, it's the software/media/service contract with these companies that generate the real money!

Crikey, they will give you a phone for free if you sign a long term contract, hmmm, free phone and the subscribers pays $100/month for 3 years, same for internet or satalite hardware...Think about it.

I bought a $150 DVD player and have over 200 titles (and I don't have near the size collection of some people), at even $10 per title (some are previously viewed), that is over $2000.

Future Shop here in Canada is selling the Toshiba HD-A2 for $199 today, what's that 10 movies based on $20 per or 33 rentals from Blockbuster??? Oh yeah, and they give you 3 movies to start off the collection!
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