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Cool 32" HDTV's

Originally Posted by Ken S View Post
Now all Sony needs to do is come out with a 32" LCD XBR with a native resolution of 1080p. It would be nice replacement for my current TV in the bedroom. Their new XBR4 32" is still 720p, bummer!
After an investigation of the Sharp Aquos LC32D62U and the Sony KDL32XBR4, they both have an important adjustment missing, White Balance. I can live with the absence of 1080p on the Sony (768p), but I was surprised that it does not have the capability to adjust the white balance, color by color, like most of the other XBR's. And the Sharp LC32D62U also does not have the capability to adjust the white balance. This, in my opinion is an important feature on "high-end" TV/Monitors to achieve accurate color.

I looks like the only 32" HDTV that has full white balance adjustments is the Samsung LN-T3253H. And the Toshiba 32HL67U has only G/B drive settings, no bias.
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