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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Originally Posted by ncpl View Post
Given your history (for which much respect is due as one of the pioneers of the genre) I'd hope you would acknowledge the gripe here that if the new generations of machines won't play the MLP layer, then it's a very poor show.

A bitter taste for those like me that did wholeheartedly try and support the DTS/MLP formats over the last 5 years or so. The only option is to always keep the old machines in the rack for the purpose. 8-Tracks, DATS, name it.
FYI... I recently responded to your comments, but the message seems to be lost in cyberspace... so I'll try again:

Yes... I TOTALLY agree that "format wars" are annoying AND hard on the wallet.

But, personally, I am even more upset that the $3995 HDTV that I purchased two years ago, is now on sale for $599... and that my new laptop is already being replaced by a better model that is 4 times faster, and at half the price!

RE: MLP/DTS/EIEIO... I am willing and able to respond to direct questions about "what REALLY happened" behind the scenes. But, quite frankly, I spend very little time re-living the mistakes of the past... and would much rather devote all of my energy towards co-creating innovative solutions for the future.

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