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Default Re: BOSE = box only sound extra

Originally Posted by Silver Supra View Post
I guess I don't understand the joy that people seem to get by trashing their products.

I've heard lots more expensive "highly regarded" equipment that sounded like **** to me.

When those manufacturers are discussed we hear things like "to each his own" and "everyone hears things differently". However BOSE is never given this same
type of out.

I'm not saying I like their equipment, nor would I buy any of it - but to create a thread
simply to start a bashing session seems like a waste of bandwidth to me.

Flame away.
While I'd be one of the last to defend Bose based on their sonic accuracy or innovations, I'd have to agree with some others here that much of the bashing that they take is definitely over the edge and undeserved. Do they now (or have they ever) produced the most accurate loudspeakers in the world? Absolutely not. However, what they have accomplished is nearly 40 years of producing products that lots and lots of people buy (as evidenced by their $2 billion in annual sales - not bad for a privately-held company!) that, for the most part, are well-built and reliable (I believe that their field failure rate for their entire history is still somewhere down near 1%) as they instituted AQL quality assurance testing very early in their history. They've always spent a larger portion of their gross revenue on advertising and promotion than probably anyone else in the industry (something like 15%) and that has been a significant contributor to their success.

DISCLAIMER: I worked for Bose in the early 70s, both as a charter member of their outside sales team and, before that, as their first dealer outside of the US (as GM of an audio club in Germany).
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