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Default McIntosh Laboratory Introduces The MS750 Music Server & New Audio History Book

date: June 6, 2007
McIntosh Laboratory Introduces The MS750 Music Server & New Audio History Book

McIntosh Laboratory, a world leader in home entertainment systems for over 56 years, introduces the MS750 Music Server.

With a 750 GB internal hard drive the MS750 will hold catalog and sort over 2,000 hours of music at full CD sound quality. That is enough storage for more than 2,700 CD’s and 120,000 individual songs. Access to all this music is simple using the MS750’s easy to navigate on screen menus. Play lists are easily formed and recalled. A newly designed large-format front panel display shows the title of the current music playing as well as providing operational prompts. The MS750 also supports Spanish, French, Italian and German languages.

The MS750 has a built-in CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP2, WMA and ACC Player. Use a preamp or phono stage and burn your vinyl collection to CD or to the MS750 hard drive. A built-in CD Burner lets you take your music wherever you may wander!

The MS750 will begin shipping in June 2007 and is available at Authorized McIntosh Dealers.

New “Audio History” Book That Profiles McIntosh Laboratory’s Unique Contribution to the Evolution of High-Performance Home Entertainment

McIntosh Laboratory has always been renowned for the singular quality and craftsmanship of its high-end audio products. Now, with the introduction of a new book, “...for the love of music...”, author Ken Kessler brings the story of the company’s long history in the pursuit of home entertainment perfection to print. With a foreword by renowned audio engineer Sidney Corderman, “...for the love of music...” chronicles the McIntosh story since its founding in the early 1940s, beginning with the story of how Frank McIntosh, who ran an engineering firm that designed broadcast television stations, recognized the limitations of then-available audio equipment and set out to build a better amplifier. The resulting prototype became the famed 50W1, a product that set new standards in audio amplification and is still the foundation of all high-performance amps today.

“...for the love of music...” is filled with reminiscences from some of the world’s most renowned audio engineers, reviewers and experts, as well as testimony from rock stars such as Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, legendary sound engineer Bill Hanley (famous for designing, building and operating the Woodstock sound stage), and others.

Noted McIntosh President, Charlie Randall: “Not only does this book provide a fascinating glimpse into the development of high-end audio, but as Sidney Corderman points out in his foreword, it is a great tribute to all of the employees, dealers, and friends who have made McIntosh the leader in our industry. For anyone who loves great audio and is interested in the pursuit of sonic perfection and the people who have made it all happen behind the scenes, this book is a must-read.”

“...for the love of music...” will be available at Authorized McIntosh dealers and international distributors in January 2007. is offline   Reply With Quote