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Cool Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

I agree, waiting is still the best option. My TV will be just fine playing very nicely with DVD. I'll let you rich guys pay the big bills and drive down the price for me. Because the consumer in this country holds ALL the power. If the consumer is patient, won't spend ridiculous amounts on all the new stuff, we'd be amazed at what would happen to pricing.

The problem with our country, is everyone insists on having everything. A year or two later, I'll still enjoy the great picture, but I can wait. I can also drop $15 and see a great film on a digital screen, with digital sound I can't touch at home.

Here's a good one, my buddy spent $10K on a SIM2 projector, another $10K on his sound system, and who knows how much to have it all installed and built. Let's say he's into it all $40K.

Uh, for $40K, at $20 a pop, to go to the movies, he could have gone to a theater with a freakin 60' screen....2000 times!!!! That's a WHOPPIN 2 movies a week for 19.23 YEARS!!!!!! And there are NOT enough good movies made to waste that much time each week....

Let me know when the prices are way down, I'll buy then.
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