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Thumbs down Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

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I have heard it so many times from readers. They say, “I am waiting to see which format wins before I buy an HD disc player.” Notable online review sites, AV print magazines and chatrooms alike have fostered the "Beta versus VHS" fears in consumers over two HD disc formats.


It's time for consumers across the country to man up and get into the HD game. Yes, the early players on both sides were heavily flawed, overpriced, slow to load and had “handshake” issues. Today’s Blu-ray and HD DVD players for $300 to $500 per unit are significantly better than first generation units, plus some of the game machines, such as Playstation's Blu-ray capability and Xbox's add-on HD DVD drive that priced at the same level, are possibly even better on some levels. Waiting for an end to the format war isn’t going to help fill the HD void in your life.

by: Jerry Del Colliano
It is not - all about price or even quality. It is about broken promises. You remember when the industry said they would get it together and produce one format. They had learned their lessons.

Personally, I am not going to participate in this format war. A plague on both their houses.

There is another side to this debate. That of the small video producers, of which we are one.

We have been forced into an impossible situation where our clients who are interested in having their productions created in HD do not know which one to request because they cannot make up their minds which way to go. Even dedicated corporate clients are being forced to produce both versions just so their customers can make a choice.

In reality there are three formats since most of their clients are staying with standard definition DVD's.

All this despite claims by both HD camps claim that they are winning the battle.

If you think that your costs are high, consider the small video producer who has to purchase both production systems, editors, burners et al. To show the product, they then have to purchase both players. All for nonexistant-frustrated clients.

The result: small video producers continue to produce SD DVD's awaiting the final deathnell. Some are actually shooting in High Definition, converting to SD but storing the HD edited tape for the clients until they can make up their minds.

Essentially, standard definition DVD's are winning until one of the two combatants perish in a Betamax firestorm.

Can this go on and on. Yes. VHS vs Beta had a relatively quick result because there was no other option. Today, consumers still have the DVD/vhs formats.

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