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Default Re: A great point about recording technology

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In 1993 to make a record you needed a $1,000,000 SSL console a $100,000 Studer analog tape machine and about $1,000,000 worth of gear to make a record. As we learned in music school (I have a degree in music business which means I had to learn how to make a record - not a bad skill for a critic to have) you had to think twice before recording as you would waste tape, need to make a TON of edits etc... Tape was $$$ and edits were done with a RAZOR blade!!

Bands and Artists STILL need production and good engineering.
Couldn't agree more . . . where are the truly committed labels and producers today the likes of what appeared (regularly, I might add) on Sheffield, MFSL, DD Labs, Pablo, M&K Realtime, JVC, Telarc, etc., etc. ????

Back in the 80s I spent a lot of time with the Sheffield folks and co-produced a limited-edition (5,000 copies) "demo" version of Amanda McBroom's "Growing Up in Hollywood Town". I had the pleasure (and great honor) of attending a number of their recording sessions and am still in awe of the massive amounts of talent, creativity and sheer genius that went into them. Great stuff that, fortunately, has mostly made a decent transition over to the digital world.

During this period Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Weber became a good friend and we collaborated on another limited-edition demo album "Digital Gems" that featured his work with a broad range of artists (David Benoit, Toni Tennille, Luis Conte, etc.). While I'm certain that there have been some excellent recordings made since the early 90s they're certainly much fewer and further between than what was appearing in the 60s, 70s, 80s & early 90s.
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