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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

Originally Posted by AJones View Post
Hopefully everyone will not take the position of Tristan. We might still be in the age of Laser Discs and VHS. I for one hope that both formats succeed especially since I own both an HD DVD player and a Blu Ray. It is hard for me to watch standard definition DVD's anymore after having watch HD for six months now. However both my Toshiba XA2 and Sony BDP-1 are very good at upconverting SD discs. I own over 70 HD discs now (out of a collection of over 2000) and have gotten to the position on new movies that if it is not being released in HD I will rent and wait for the HD release before I buy. I was happy to see Pan's Labyrinth will be out this yeari n HD. My advice to anyone with an HDTV, especially a 1080P set to take the plunge. You won't regret it, because if everyone sits on the sidelines waiting for a winner we may all be losers.
I'm the same way, I haven't bought a DVD since I got my PS3, I'll wait till I can get it in HD!
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