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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

Originally Posted by Tristan View Post
This continual whining about "you have to buy" one of the formats (or more ridiculously both)on this site is starting to take on the tone of desperation. Which manufacterer do you own stock in (or work for)? How stupid do they think consumers are? Certainly the backers of two formats insult the consumer. Some of you may have unlimited funds to spend on multiple formats--fine, go to it. For my part, I will not buy until the price is where DVD players are now (one format and still multiple options and low prices from competition) for dual format players. Barring that, I hope the players and the movies sit on the shelves.

I see what is being said here not as "desperation or whining" but as helping to drive people to get the most out of their HDTV's, While between OTA & DirecTV I finally have a good choice of HD content none of it compares to a pure uncompressed 1080p signal from a Blu-Ray disc!.
In case you haven't noticed there are a lot of "early Adopters" on these forums & early adopters are what drive evolution in the CE business.
The market share of HD-DVD & Blu-Ray are just a tiny fraction of DVD, but 10 years ago DVD was just a small fraction of VHS.
Sure not everyone can afford the newest & greatest gear but a lot of them will get in on that tech sooner rather than later, those same people look to the early adopters to see what they might get in the future.

I'm a Firefighter so I'm a long way from having "unlimited funds" but I picked up my PS3 in November of 06 & I didn't buy a single game with it (but have several now), I bought several Blu-Ray movies instead & I'm glad I did, I'm enjoying the best HD picture possible now, not a couple of years from now.

You can get a DVD player now for $50, if you wait till the high def players get that cheap you are going to miss out on a lot of great content.
If as you say "I hope the players and the movies sit on the shelves" then you may never have the chance to see just how good of a picture your HDTV can really have because instead of Blu-Ray or HD-DVD you will be buying compressed HD downloads from Microsoft, and that won't be good for anyone but Microsoft!

As for your question "How stupid do they think consumers are"? well they can obviously be quite stupid!
From a poll I saw not long ago 25% or more of people who have HDTV's do not have an HD signal going to them But think that since it's a HDTV everything on it is in HD!
So Yea consumers can be pretty stupid!
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