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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

Hopefully everyone will not take the position of Tristan. We might still be in the age of Laser Discs and VHS. I for one hope that both formats succeed especially since I own both an HD DVD player and a Blu Ray. It is hard for me to watch standard definition DVD's anymore after having watch HD for six months now. However both my Toshiba XA2 and Sony BDP-1 are very good at upconverting SD discs. I own over 70 HD discs now (out of a collection of over 2000) and have gotten to the position on new movies that if it is not being released in HD I will rent and wait for the HD release before I buy. I was happy to see Pan's Labyrinth will be out this yeari n HD. My advice to anyone with an HDTV, especially a 1080P set to take the plunge. You won't regret it, because if everyone sits on the sidelines waiting for a winner we may all be losers.
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