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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

I have to agree that both formats will be with us for years. I am reading that from several sources lately. In some ways that is good, because both format makers will push to out do the other ... good old competition never hurt!

As soon as I get my Pioneer Pro-150FD I am most definitely am going to invest in a Blu-ray player ... and probably soon after that an HD DVD player ... a screen of that quality deserves nothing but the best PQ and that can only be obtained from HD. In fact that screen will only be used to display HDTV ... broadcast or recorded. NTSC/SDTV as far as I am concerned is dead and buried! Thank God for that! Haven't we all suffered enough fuzzy vision!

But as good as the PQ is on some HD stations, you are never going to get the PQ from broadcast that you get from Disc. There is far too much compression on broadcasts. And with a disc player you get digital to digial with no in between analog conversions.

My local video rental store (Rogers Video) intends to bring in both formats soon. Both are already available to rent through Roger Video Direct (a service that mails DVD's to your home with no late dates ... you can keep them as long as you wish). So, I definitely want to support their efforts to make High Definition discs available by renting Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Come guys support the HD formats ... the prices probably will drop again near Christmas ... it is time to buy!!!
HiDef Bob

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