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Default Re: Cello and Mark Levinson Designer/Engineer, Tom Colangelo, Dies in Car Accident

I was Tom's dentist and friend for the last 16 years. He was a great guy. Every time Tom would come into the office for a cleaning, I'd get him talking about stereo equipment and his current projects. He was fascinating to listen to and of course most of what he said was way over my head. There is no doubt that Tom was a genius. I once asked Tom if he could build one of his amps or preamps from memory. Tom said that while he didn't have the parts memorized he could built one without referring to a manual. I asked him how this could be done if the parts weren't memorized. He said he would redesign the piece of equipment in his mind one step at a time and the parts would come to him as part of the design process. The world has indeed lost a very gifted and compassionate person.
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