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Default Re: Check out Bryston's "hand built" CD player

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
What do you think about this Jerry? I was reading the other day about Nagra CD only player. With all the formats not available, is there really a need for these type of cd players? I mean, Linn has there 20,000 cd player.

It seems to be getting a little out of hand, here. I`m looking for quality, but keeping it simple as well. One machine that ejects, that will allow me to play everything. Its enough that in the 80`s I had a Sony Betamax, Vhs machine, and a Laserdisc. That was 3 unite over 20 years ago!! Really, what are we doing here?
I agree. I cannot tell you how tempted I was a few months back over the ARC CD7 redbook only player. It is a magnificent machine and does things to redbook I did not think was possible.

However - I could not bring myself to pull the trigger and box myself in with redbook only. I am just too spoiled with a multi-format player and was willing to sacrifice a bit for all the capability in a single machine.

I still lust over the CD7 however.
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