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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

You gotta have both. I am sorry.

The HD DVD players are cheaper thus perhaps they go first and there are some good titles. My good friend, Kevin Voecks at Revel, told me he likes the cheaper HD DVD players and that they are faster and more solid. Not perfect by any measure but compared to my old XA1 - they are WAY improved.

I don't see you as a PS3 kinda guy but with a price drop there - you could get into the format affordably. Personally, I would recomend you hold out for a stand alone player for Blu-ray.

Where I might suggest you make the savings vs. the SACD/DVD-Audio battle is in renting movies. Buy a handfull of the best of each format but since you have to scrimp to get both units - rent the movies you watch until you find a demo movie that you can't live without...

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