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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

About two years ago I started down the path where my equipment wasn’t working as well in the summer months, as it worked in the winter. I recognized that in Phoenix during the hot season, power was degraded, by the high demand for air conditioning.

So one day I decided to take advantage of PurePower APS offer. A free trial period! I talked with them and ordered two of the 750 power regenerators. My system has three power hungry VTL tube power amplifiers, model # MB450; that power my left, center & right speakers in my surround system. I hooked up those amps, to the two 750 power regenerators and found out that the surge power tripped the protection circuitry when I had two VTL’s to one 750. I call the PurePower up and discussed the issue with Richard, who suggested that I needed the 1050 model to run two of the VTL. So I sent one of the 750 back, exchange for the 1050 that was coming via BAX courier.

Now this is where this story gets interesting. My son & I pulled the VTL’s in (Center / Right) back into the wall and continued to use the PurePower 750 APS unit on the right spearker. We put a new movie that we both were looking forward to watching and my sons said that there was something wrong with the sound of the system. The right speaker was so much more dynamic – the highs were cleaner the the lows lower! It was so obvious I couldn’t believe what pure power provided to the system. I wasn’t totally convinced, so I switched the power source from right to left and sure enough, there was the obvious differences again!

Well the bottom line is: Now my equipment is not starved for Power – I am getting the highest level of performance that this equipment can put out. All by using this fantastic equipment from PurePower. In my system, power regeneration is where I get the greatest improvement in performance. What a great tweak! I can only say, if you don’t have it you are missing out on the potential of your system.

Sincerely Rob
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