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Question Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

Alright Jerry. You of all people here know my AV situation. I`m back at the starting phase once again. With that in mind, and knowing that I have SACD and DVD - A titles as well, thanks to a very generous person, what source should I start with? HD DVD for KING KONG, or BLU - RAY for SPIDERMAN 3 on October 30th? And, then what about my SACD and DVD - A titles?

It seems Blu - Ray has more of the better titles, than HD DVD. But the Toshiba units, are priced better and work very well. I`m not a big gamer at all. But it might be fun to get a SONY PS3, for the rare times I might play with my son, or my buddies. So, what would you do?

And kennyt, if you wish you can chime in as well. But with all the source components you have, I`m afraid of what your suggestion might be!!
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