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Default Re: BOSE = box only sound extra

Andrew, I do have to say I agree with you to a degree. However, I do also agree with Silver Supra as well. While in high school, during my Stereo Review and High Fidelity reading days, I went to the Stereo Hi - Fi Show at the Statler Hilton Hotel. It was my first hi-fi show and the first time I heard those awesome AKG 1000 headphones!! (ear speakers really !!) I signed up for a contest. 2 months later I got a call from Bose saying I was the winner of a pair of BOSE 901 Series IV speakers. Anyone familiar with BOSE will know that this was there radical direct - reflecting flagship model. Needing proper placement for them to work optimallyfrom the back and side walls, this certainly was not a speaker that lent itself to the WAF. Not at all.

I still see the professional models still, at shows and concerts. Well, once set up, and with only 50 watts per channel coming from my Lafayette receiver (now Circuit City for you young ones), the sound was loud, expansive, soundstage was very good, and the speakers seemed to be able to take as much power as they wanted. I borrowed a Phase Linear 700 amp (300 watts X 2), and I could not believe how much sound they produced.

Where they the best, no. But I still think the design was interesting for what they where. I sold Bose in my early retail days along with the likes of Pioneer, Technics, Advent, Infinity (Arnie Nudell was there at this time), Boston Acoustics, Polk Audio, SAE, etc. And while Infinity and Advent were the class at that time where I was, Bose held its own pretty well.
And Andrew is right, we could not move on the pricing ever, and their were spiffs for the salespeople.
But why do we keep hating BOSE. There are some other companies I could mention right now whose speakers and receivers I felt at that time were even worse. And got good reviews. But from my experience, did not warrant a mention of their stuff. Maybe if someone in the high end industry followed there model, things would be better.
So, give BOSE a break. Like i said, there is worse stuff out there. Believe me!!
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