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Default Re: New NAD HDMI 1.3 Preamp and Multi-channel amp

Originally Posted by jdc115 View Post
hmm, causing me such a dilemma now that I found this, it offers HDMI 1.3 over the Rotel RSP-1069 which is ver 1.1.

But neither preform decoding of Dolby True HD or DTS HD or DTS-MAHD.

It is nice that some of the mid-to higher end are starting to embrace the changes happening but it still seems to fall short of what is need to get the best of out Blu-ray and HD-DVD systems. I know there always has to be compromises getting product to market but I think both products would have a better change in the market if they supported all the latest Dobly and DTS codes and Rotel released in HDMI 1.3 and they took a few more months to get them out. Otherwise they are probably going to be passed on by most people buying Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Maybe that is still too small of a market at the moment.

Any idea of the possibility that the NAD will support Dolby TrueHD in a firmware update?
I`ll see if I can check that out for you. But you must know that the support available at this particular time for Dolby True HD, DTS HD, etc. is minimal. Not to say you should not inquire about it, but I don`t feel it should stop you from making a purchasing decision and enjoy HD now.
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