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Smile Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Wonderful David!! I did not know you worked at DTS. I have always felt that their recordings of surround sound where superior to the rest. Ohio Players and Diana Krall to be exact. And I received a sampler video disc of DTS movies. Jurrasic Park was one of the clips. Has to be one of the best demos ever.

You must have had fun working at DTS. Now you know what I`m going to ask you now!! With the position you had at DTS, it seems you could have inquired about getting our favorite artists on DTS. I would love to hear Pat Metheny or Jean Luc Ponty on a DTS recording!!

Likewise, while your saying we can play DVD - A discs on HD machines, its true that SACD is not supported. I believe Andrew was sharing with me his disappointment that his SONY BLu - Ray machine will not play back his SACD titles.

Its crazy. Do we all really need 3 to 4 machines in our racks that have an eject button?

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