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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V861 7.1 Receiver Reviewew

Originally Posted by Mace View Post

You get a few other differences between the Onk 875 and the Yam 861. The Onk is THX Ultra 2 certified (as is the 805) plus the 875 uses the Reon chip for upscaling to 1080p while the 861 apparently uses the Faroudja DCDi (or something comparable) and only goes to 720p/1080i. I think universally the Reon is considered a much better processor, but then the 875 is 50% more expensive and isn't out yet. Personally, I think the 805 is really much more comparable to the 861 with DCDi, limited upscaling plus a somewhat similar price. I've got the 805 pre-ordered at two places, one for $999 and the other for $899. I've seen the Yamaha listed from $799 to $899.

Also, the Onkyo discussion and website make quite a big deal about the DD TrueHD and DTS HD audio, I'm not sure why Yamaha doesn't even mention it, that's why I asked Andrew if the 861 has the on-board HD audio processors which evidently it does but neither are listed by Yamaha so I wonder if it's really TrueHD/HD Audio or if it's just really good sounding with the older DD/DTS formats. Does the manual say anything about this?

All that said, I'm seriously considering the Yamaha. My HDTV displays 1080p but only accepts up to 1080i (so much for jumping on the 1080p display technology first) so the Yamaha's maximum 1080i upscaling would be fine for me (although I do wonder if the upscaling even comes close to the Reon chip). I'd really like to see a comparison between the 861's 1080i upscaling vs a good upscaling DVD or BD/HD machine to see if it's even worth having (I assume it can be turned off to allow straight pass-through).
Here's what the manual says it supports re: sound:
manual page 3
"Sound field programs" section:
Dolby Digital/EX
DTS/DTS-ES <Atrix, Discrete, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24 decoder
Dolby Pro Logic/DPL IIx decoder
Neural Sound Decoder
Virtual Cinema DSP

"XM Satellite Radio" section:
"Neural Surround Decoder to play back the XM HD content of XM Satellite Radio braodcasts in multi channels..."

"Other Features"
192-kHz/24-bit D/A converter
Pure Direct mode for pure hi-fi sound for all sources

Terms included in the "Glossary" Section:
DTS 96/24
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology

I didn't see any mention of Dolby True HD of "DTS HD"; closest I could find is DTS 96/24. Also no mention of the actual video processor. Doen't appear to be the Faroudja or the one used in the 2700. I'll email when I hear back from Yamaha.
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