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Default Re: Dark Side of The Moon - the best in surround - sounds worse than CD in stereo

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
Stereo? Oh yeah you do get one of those. Never listen to it.

There are great elements of both the SACD 5.1 Guthrie mix (modern tools) and the 4.0 Parsons mix (musical choices that fit surround better) so I listen to both, mostly the latter because it's truer to original intentions.
I find this response a bit curious, do you really listen to it because it is closer to the original intentions and not because your personal preference? If you enjoyed Gurthrie's mix more but Parsons' mix is closer to what the artist originally intended, do you still listen to the mix that you rate 2nd?

Also, maybe it is closer to the original intentions, but may not be closer to what the band itself prefers now? A lot has changed and maybe their preference is the new mix. I have no idea, just an idea.

Maybe this come up in movies much more, but I tend to stick with my preference given 2 choices and maybe not that of the director. The one example that I can think of at the moment is Donnie Darko. Originally they cut out parts of the movie when it was released. It bombed in the theatre but because a big hit on DVD. So then they re-released a Director's cut of the movie putting back parts that he wanted in and re-arranging some of the soundtrack in the film.

Maybe the director's cut is what he originally intended but my preference is the original theatre cut and I won't watch the director's cut again.

Just wondering...
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