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Ask Harry Senterian of SoundEx fame if its dead. He built a 26 room place of 2 channel audio with acoustical treatments and the world's finest gear from Wilson, Levinson, Krell, Transparent and many others. Now it is an insurance office.

Ask Christopher Hansen who saw the writing on the wall in the early 1990's and closed his store to get into custom audio if hifi is dead?

Even Andy Singer is the top selling Runco dealer in NY with strong sales in their plasma HDTVs - that's not HiFI although Singer still sells a lot of audiophile gear.

Ask David Weinhardt, the last LA based hifi dealer on the westside, if HIFI is dead. His Ambrosia business was bought out by a custom install firm and he sells hifi from his house.

The only place HIFI lives is on where people sell the same used gear over and over again. Hifi isn't a business, its a hobby. Home Theater is a business that can encompass audiophile concepts in a package that consumers really want.

Also look to blame the music industry for not releasing their music in a new format (other than MP3 downloads) in over 25 years. Why buy HIFI or audiophile gear when the music sounds crappy on CD?
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