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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
I think with combi players and the large backing, along with the gaming industry and computer industry I think both formats will last long enough to be taken over by the next technology.
You could be correct . . . hmmm, wonder what that "next technology" will be? Are we getting close to some totally electronic (no mechanical mechanisms whatsoever) storage medium like the oft-promised bubble memory? Gonna be fun to watch what happens for the next few years.

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
It's been a long time since I have gone into a Blockbuster to rent a movie. It just doesn't seem like a good value.(maybe compared to going to the movies) Almost $5.00 and God forbid if you're late, no late fees except for the "restock fee". For $10.00 more you can buy the DVD.
Haven't rented a movie from Blockbuster for several years now; however, I've built up quite a DVD library from their "previously viewed" selection and often get their $14.95 titles for as low as 3 for $25 and their $9.95 titles are usually 4 for $20. All come with a 30-day money-back or exchange guarantee but I've only had to return one. Usually have to clean them up a bit (most rental customers are absolute pigs in the way they handle discs) but they're a great bargain way to build your library. Can't wait for Blu-ray to start showing up in this section.
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