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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

I am a strong proponent of DVD Audio. I know SACD's sound great, buy why just re-buy an album only when you can get the same great high processed sound on DVD-A PLUS get video extra's that are offered on DVD Audio discs.

Anyway, that's an eternal argument, which is basically wasted hot air because both formats are basically being abandoned.

However, what is the new next evolution of high resolution format audio? I see Dave Matthews just came out with his most recent CD offering in Blu-Ray. But if Blu-Ray or HD DVD is the next generation of high resolution format audio (with uncompressed audio), we STILL have a format war on our hands. We're in no better place with Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD than we were with SACD vs. DVD Audio !!

It seems like it always comes back to Sony wanting whatever format they're promoting to be a proprietary situation. This dates back to VHS vs. BETA. Why can't Sony play well with others?
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