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Default Re: What is up with those saw horse stands for cables?


I have heard explanations for the little stands, supposedly they limit interference and changes in ...(fill in theory here) associated with laying cables on carpet. I often see them in systems on tile though so...

If you really want to see some snake oil, check out Machina Dynamica! I have to laugh when I see these guy's stuff at shows... The tiny little pebbles (colored pebbles in a glass bottle) The clever little clock (literally a LED clock) thaty will vastly improve your systems imaging with each clock in the room (I wonder if my automatic watch collection is why my bedroom sounds good?) and my absolute favorite... The teleportation tweak!

This one truly takes the cake! You call them, on any phone, and they send a series of tones to your phone that will open the soundstage/improve dynamics you name it! If ANYONE doesn't ask for there money back on this one.......

The amazing thing is they must be selling as I see this stuff around...
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