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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?


Being a fellow Meridian owner, I have an idea the price you paid to enter that 'club' and the price you could pay to enter the HD DVD AND Blu-ray camp is <$600 US, a small price to pay to be on the cutting edge of video!

Many of us with the magazine run both formats, and all have bought these players at our own expense to do so. I agree whole heartedly with you on the DVD-A/SACD issue (I currently have five players for one or both of each of these around) and yes, I wish they had taken off.

I have some early notification that Sony is already working with some folks in the industry (will post later today once I've researched it some more) to release MC Audio on Blu-ray! If we all thought DVD-A was good, Blu-ray should be able to do even more, imagine totally lossless compression of your favorite music!!!
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