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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

FWIW - I paid my entry fee a few years ago to the Meridian DVD-A 'club' and for a while, I naively enjoyed my 80+ DVD-A's thinking this was the future. It sounded great.

The blue formats were always coming but I thought that at least the format would be backwards compatible. When MLP was rebadged as Dolby and included in the specs I thought "Great !.....when I buy a nice shiny new HD player, I'll be able to play my DVD-A and blue discs (whichever one or both)"

However, what am I looking at now ? Even for Meridian, the godfather of DVD-A hardware, support for the format in their last 2 products has been dropped i.e. the F80 and G95. Where does this leave me (and the many like me)?

As mentioned above, it'll mean yet another unit on the rack. It also means that in 5-10 years time, finding a machine to play these quirky old formats on will be like trying to find an 8-track or DAT player now.

May as well sell the discs I have for what they're worth now.

It also means that I am TOTALLY disinclined to early adopt either of the new formats (despite the headline here a while back calling for all us audiophiles to early adopt !!!). I think it is disgrace that 'the industry' fights it out yet again with the consumer as the eventual loser.

Grumpy for a 1st post ? bet

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