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Default Re: Snubs, complaints and hate-mail about the top 100 albums list

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
David Del, help me out on this one, Can someone make a top 100 Jazz and R + B list.

Earth, Wind, and Fire, as great as they are, gentlemen they are NOT rock.
Actually, I agree with you, on EWF... and I also feel that Stevie Wonder is a lot more Pop and R & B, than Rock.

FYI... none of the judges autonomously created the overall Master List of albums for evaluation. It was compiled from several Top 100 lists, at which point each of us scored the albums that we were personally familiar with... and then the average scores were derived from all of the scores combined.

So even amongst the judges, there is gonna be some disagreement... but that is true for every type of entertainment scoring system.

To your first point... yes, of course, many artists have been "chart toppers" in more than one genre.

And specifically to your example of both "Jazz and R & B", the first artist who comes to mind, is George Benson!!

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