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As a matter of fact your not alone to enjoy 1950's technology.
I grew-up in my dad's TV Repair Shop (my bedroom) that was filled with tubes.

My first amplifier output was with 6V6GT that I built from my father's spare parts.
I had all sort of Tube Amps like, Leak Point One, Quad II, Harman-Kardon Citation II, Marantz and McIntosh (MC 30, MC 60 Monoblocks).
I had to sell my MC 60 because of my kids (to hot for their small hands) about 20 years ago
and replace them by Solid State McIntosh. Even with the AutoFormers the Solid State McIntosh they didn't sound as good as tubes.

Today, I have two systems a HT and my "Hi-Fi" and when I really want to please myself, I power up my McIntosh Tube system.
It's incredible how clean and loud a McIntosh MC 2102 (100W.P.C) can be.

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