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Talking Re: Post your 100 Top Rock Album list results here

Sgt Pepper gets my top vote and then Abbey Rd and then the pipers at the gates of dawn. Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell is good and up there in stereo and surround sound. Rubber Soul and The First pressing of Beatles for Sale might be some of the finest work around and for its time it was top . After seeing jimi Hendrex a couple of times and then listening to his albums , i can see why alot of people would like the studio work . But i saw him play when his first album came out and heard both the stereo and mono version of Experience and then seeing him live left me not wanting to see THAT MESS AGAIN. I saw him at the Factory in Philly 2 shows and then at Temple U. Statium , that was Band of whatever .. So as some one who can over dub music he was good , but not as great as some people would let on to believe , same goes for Cream . The first Cream album in mono is great but to see them live as i did a couple of times then go back stage and watch them throw hangers and knives at each other all high and drunk and dropped up . No thanx .But I did get them to sign their first album. A great album overlooked is GOODBYE AND HELLO by Tim Buckley . and Love's Alone Again, which would have been the album of the " summer of love " if pepper had not come out. And another overlooked album is The Mothers 2nd album and Freak Out ( first lp) both worth a listen in mono and stereo and Quad or surround .. just some ideas .. I have soem newer picks also , WILCO NEW ALBUM , IT COEMS WITH A GREAT PRESSING OF THE CD AND THE WHITE STRIPES ALBUM BUT NOT THE CD...
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