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Default Re: Newbie - need info on receivers

Originally Posted by arbasu View Post
Hello TheMoose

Thanks a lot for your input...I am not a any sound techie myself - I guess I am looking for an overall "pretty good" and "fairly feature-rich" receiver for home use. I understand your HDMI 1.1 suggestion - that rules HK AVR745 out. What were your suggestions anyway?

Thanks again...
The receivers I looked at are,
Onkyo TX-SR875-$1600
Denon AVR 3808ci-$1600
Sony STR-DA5300ES-$1700
They are a bit higher in price than what you specified but I got my Denon for $1450 & I got a price of $1400 on the Sony so if you find a place that is willing you can get a deal even though these are just released receivers.

I didn't audition the Onkyo TX-SR805 but it's $1000 & has 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs

Check out this thread for more detailed info on the Denon 3808ci which is what I finally chose.
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