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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V861 7.1 Receiver Reviewew

Originally Posted by Mace View Post
Thanks very much Andrew, appreciate the additional info. You might want to take a look at the AVS Forum, there is a thread on the new Onkyos that is long enough to really water your eyes but there's a great first post that has a ton of details. I'm going to do some serious thinking here....I can get an 861 right now or continue to wait for the Onkyo...pretty tough to wait given your impressions of the 861 though. It sounds so good I may just spring for it now and save myself a couple of weeks. Thanks again.
I've followed that thread as well, and was really considering the Onk's until I saw this receiver. I was first blown away by the spec sheet, and for less than 1K (actually quite a bit less). But then I immediately thought Yamaha had to cut a lot of corners to get that much into a receiver at that price point, so I was anxiously waiting for reviews to come in. Haven't seen many reviews this favorable for a less than 1k receiver, and seems that it's growing on the reviewer even more since the review. Spec wise this compares to the Onk 875 (although minus HDMI 1.3) and the Pioneer Elite 82's and 84's (soon to be 90 series). And this can be had for FAR less than those. I like movies and I like 1080p, and it sound like this fits the bill. For me even if the Onk's are mind blowing it seems like I couldn't justify the price difference given the information so far. Thanks again for the assessment. Look forward to other owners' reviews as well.
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