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Default Re: Will 7.1 sound good?

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
I, personally, would not put the couch all the way against the wall and place the rear speakers behind you. And make sure you get yourself a good subwoofer to fill in your space.

In the end though, with the materials in your room, and the speakers that you have, I would say that a good EQ Room Calibration is in order.
Thanks that saves some money. In this limited space The couch must stay, and besides where would the spiders live? About the subwoofer, should I use JBL since everything else is JBL, or another, I was considering Velodyne? My Onkyo TX-S605 has Audessey EQ, is that enough or do I need some of the other calibration things I saw in Home Theater magazine. I believe one said it worked on six locations one on eight and the standard EQ from two. Onkyo set up worked from three. I don't know how accurate it is since I am missing the center channel and subwoofer.
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