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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V861 7.1 Receiver Reviewew


Unfortunately I'm not well versed about the Onkyo receiver you're talking about, however, you've raised enough interesting points about it that it's now on my to review list.

I don't know exactly which chipset the 861 uses for its video upscaling/deinterlacing. I do know that Yamaha works and has licenses with both DCDi and Anchor Bay (DVDo) however I'm not sure which one, if any, is used in the 861. That being said, the video performance is very good for a sub $1,000.00 receiver. As far as the True HD is concerned it's through the Yamaha's HDMI so yes the 861 will decode it. I tested it last night with the Matrix on HD DVD and it was mind blowing. The Yamaha's bread and butter is really its sound and surround sound decoding esspecially with Dolby Digital material both standard and TrueHD. I do wish it had a few more HDMI inputs but never the less it's damn good. Glad you enjoyed the review and I'm going to look into that Onkyo. Have a good one.

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