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Default Re: Snubs, complaints and hate-mail about the top 100 albums list

Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
The reviewers must be quite out of touch because they skipped some pretty damn important music from the last 20 years. Where is Radiohead's Kid A or OK Computer? What about Sea Change or any number of Beck's amazing albums? The Marshall Mathers LP by Emniem may not be "rock" but it shook the hell out of the rap world as much as, or more than the Beastie Boys ever did.

Vs (the 2nd pearl jam album) is actually a much deeper and longer lasting record than 10 (Im not referring to the duration of the album itself)

As cheesy as this may sound too, the first Maroon 5 record is a great guilty pleasure and has some of the best pop rock music in the last 20 years.

Nice effort guys but you need to expand past 1993. Contrary to every news story where you write about how high-res surround sound music is going to save the music industry, perhaps if closed minded older music fans would be willing to really listen to what is going on, you'd find some killer "new" music.

The bands you've mentioned might have some good stuff in their own rite, but they won't bear the test of time like the albums on the list have done. Shear staying power plays a huge factor. Remember Duran Duran? They were supposed to be the next Beatles.....Where are they now?
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