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Default Re: What is up with those saw horse stands for cables?

I'll go you one further. At last year's Home Entertainment Show in LA, and at CES now that I think about it, I saw a guy selling jars of change, that's right, change as in dimes, quarters etc etc to hang from your ceiling to breakup sound waves. He had "special" jars that when filled with various combinations of coins, would improve the sound of your room without the need for bass traps and the like. The room, or at least the ceiling, was covered with these little magic jars. Now one would think that the jars would cost as much as the change inside, okay maybe 10 cents more, you know, for the jar. Nope, these babies were waaaay more than that. Plus, and not that there was any bass, but when a stray bass note hit the little things rattle and ping like your neighbor's wind chime on a Sunday morning when you're trying to sleep. I asked the guy about that and he said he was playing with the idea of using sand and coins together so that you get the best of both worlds. Needless to say, my head hurt after this encounter and I quickly headed for the exit where I went next door to listen to yet another old timer tell me about how goat hair threaded between two Yak testicles makes for the best tweeter.

Some things can and do make a difference and other things, well they're just things. To me cable stands are about asthetic, nothing more. If there is audible difference, only dogs can hear it.
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