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Default Re: Looking for decent in-walls /in-ceiling speakers for family room

Paradigm is always a good choice and a solid value. RBH is a personal favorite of mine as well. I would go Polk over Energy, however, I believe both Paradigm and RBH make a better speaker.

Both Paradigm and RBH will take you from entry to high end when it comes to inwalls. I would also look into Aperion Audio's inwalls. I recently reviewed their floor standing speakers and was quite impressed. Their in wall speakers use similar, if not the same, drivers and such so I would imagine the sound to be somewhat similar. Aperion in walls are also very affordable.

I would also look at Definitive Technology, their in walls are wicked good, as are Martin Logans.

Actually, unless you're spending some money, say more than $600-700/pair Definitive and RBH are your best bets.

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