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Default Music after 1993

Nice effort guys but you need to expand past 1993. Contrary to every news story where you write about how high-res surround sound music is going to save the music industry, perhaps if closed minded older music fans would be willing to really listen to what is going on, you'd find some killer "new" music.


I wish this wasn't the case but the music since 1993 has mostly sucked out loud.

I point to Nevermind as the point where it became cool to:
- Whine like a pussy
- Not care what you look like
- Not tune your goddamn guitar
- Or even put a gun in your mouth and make your kid an orhpan and your wife a widdow.

In 1993 (the year I went to USC Music School) domestic music sales were $33,000,000,000. Today with 6,000,000 from downloads and ringtones - they sell $20,000,000,000. That's NOT because people steal all of their music. Its because today's music technically and in terms of song writing SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!!

Being serious here - I will put the musical abiity, arrangments and overall performance of WINGER against Coldplay, Radiohead, Beck or ANYBODY that the critics at Rolling Stone rave about.


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