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Default Re: New bulb & Other things.

Originally Posted by wazzzup View Post
I'd also let it "burn in" a little before calibrating as the bringness and contrast can vary quite a bit at the beginning. Think of the peformance of a bulb as a bell-curve. You want to calibrate it when its in the beginning of its life but not TOO early.

I have had digital projectors since they first came out and I can say the life span is easily 4 times better today than before.

I would also add that they roll off in contrast isn't NEARLY as bad as it used to be.

I had a Madrigal MPD1 (modified JVC) that William Phelps tweaked out. With a new bulb it measured at 250:1. 100 hours later it was less than 1/2 that. It still kicked the HELL out of my Sony 7 inch CRT and was about 10x smaller. The fan noise was LOUD!!!!
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