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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Well Jerry, I don`t know what the criteria is for this list, but if I had to choose from quality songs, top hits, perform very well live in concert (I`ve seen them years ago at Carnegie Hall here in New York), it would have to be "Chicago." One of the best horn sections put together. The only other two horn sections that would rival them would be, of course, "Tower of Power' and "Earth, Wind, and Fire". And these two groups, especially Earth, are classic in their own rights.


I put some Tower of Power in my playlist and find their songwriting to be WAY below that of Chicago or more relevant to the discussion - Earth Wind and Fire. Earth Wind and Fire were an INCREDIBLE band! Killer harmonies, tons of hit songs that pass the test of time. Compare them with Coldplay and Brittney Spears and hold back the vomit.
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