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Default Re: Top 100 albums list released!

Originally Posted by NYR 2008 Cup Champs View Post
The list is cliche and narowly focused. The authors don't take much if any chances. "Dark Side" as the #1 album?....ho hum....sigh.

How about Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" or Marillion's "Misplaced Childhood?"

And as far as Steely Dan is concerned, "Aja" over "Royal Scam?"

And while probably less popular, I would have preferred to see Genesis, "Wind and the Wuthering" or "Trick of the Tale."

And Honorable Mention Lists are cop-outs. Man up.


You can criticize this list for a LOT of things but ignoring "Progressive Rock" isn't one of them.

Lamb Lies Down on B-Way, Court of the Crimson King etc....

Speaking of laying down on B-way, the Rangers did that for 13 years in a row. And by that I am referring to JUST how many times they missed the playoffs in a row.
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