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Default Re: Top 100 albums list released!

Originally Posted by NYR 2008 Cup Champs View Post
So Peter Gabriel has four albums in the top 100 and Bob Dylan and Elvis have none and the Stones and Bowie have one?

It's a poorly constructed list at best. A very biased assessment of rock music. They should have called it "Chuck, Ted, Jerry and Howard's Favorite Rock Bands" instead.

Spoken like someone who roots for a team who missed the playoffs 13 times in a row and 13 of the last 14 years....

I personally listened to Blonde on Blonde and it just plain stinks.

I also listened to a number or Rolling Stones records to be SURE I was being fair. I was - with the exception of Tattoo You - they are poor. The Stones must be apreciated for their body of work less than one COMPLETE record. I also need to thank Mick, Keith and their mananger for turning me on to Il Mulino in NYC. It took me 11 years to get a table there but it was WORTH IT. STUNNING food. I go EVERY TIME I am in the city ESPECIALLY after watching the Smurfs get clobbered by a better team.
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